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Thanks To You

First pic is of my friend Aileen Talatala and I at the Fil-Minnesotan Induction Ball Nov. 6, 1999. Aileen and I have been friends since 1994. we can always talk about any subject nothing is taboo.

Second pic is of my friend Aric Asuncion. We have been homies since birth. He has always been there to listen to anything i had to say and always has my back.

Third pic is of Kristina Garcia. She and i have been friends since 1995. We have gone through a lot of shit together both good and bad.

The one and only WOLFPAC myself, Aric and Cece right off of Lake Superior in Duluth.

Fourth pic is of Scott Tolentino. He is my 1st cousin. He is one of the most funniest people i know.

Fifth Pic is of Rachel Westerberg she is one of my homies I turn to when i need to vent, im her KUYA.

Sixth Pic is of Aric Asuncion, Myself, Ramon Hough, and Noel De Mira at Philippine Day 1998.

Seventh Pic is of Rose Ramirez and I at Amy Sweet 16th party March 17, 2000.

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