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Group Pics

1998 Debutantes Ball.

Ann Riveras 17th Birthday Party March of 1998.

Sayawan 98 New Years Party.

1999 Debutantes Ball.

Chillin at the 1999 Santacruzan with the crew.

FMYO Campout 99.

Cultural Society of Filipino Americans Ball Oct. 16, 1999.

Fil-Minnesotan Induction Ball 1999. Some of the Fellas.

the new CSFA NEXT GENERATION right before volunteering at the Dorothy Day Center.

also from the ball. big group pic.

some of the fellas at the end of the night at the ball.

Chillin at the Flores after FMYO caroling.

Ami's Homecoming coronation.

Chillin at Buck Hill Ski Resort with Mike from Carlton's Barkada group.

Amy Golden Sweet 16 Birthday Bash.

The fellas attempting to make a pyramid at Amys party.

Chillin at Amys Party with Amanda, Ann, Ingrid and Kristina.

Ariane, Renee, Ann and Annie chillin at karaoke night at Galaxy Coffee.

Grace and Kristina kickin it at fashion show practice.

The men of club wear 2000 for the PSA fashion show.

The men of the 2000 PSA fashion show.

Grace my partner for biz and club.

The old Wreckin Crew 94-97 at the PSA Fashion Show.

PSA Crew Kickin it after the fashion show.

PSA Crew arriving at UMD on April 29,2000 for there performance at Arts of Asia.

The men of club wear and harana.

The ladies of club wear.

PSA and the Duluth crew chillin at Gosseberry National Park.

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