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A Divided       Ship

So CREW what do you stand for?

It's not the same thing we once stood for

some say i was the glue that kept us together

and without me the bond will break;

and it has

mistrust in me will cause you to disown me

your tone, your stares and your animosity will make me

appear to be the villan in your comic book tale

living carefree without the sense of knowing what is fiction and

what is real

we are no longer kids that need to beleive in fictious tales,

but adults who must face the realities of a cruel cruel world

time to wakeup from this daydream that everything is going to be ok, if

we just don't beleive

well it is time to beleive and admit your faults

replacing me with the so called next generation of followers will

never be the same

cause nothing is better or priceless then the original.

so do you still beleive the CREW is still in tact

or will you take it for the sham it has come to be

a CREW of backstabbing one another in the pursuit of game

and a CREW that never really be like it once did when it had HONOR, LOYALTY, and true FRIENDSHIP AMONGST US ALL