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To THoSE that HaVE been PlAyED

do you truely know what you want

Girls often talk about that they want a fella that treats them right, funny, nice, sweet and all of that, but yet when it comes down to it girls will still fall for the fella that treats them like shit and has the reputation of a gigalo. That seems very hypocritical by these ladies, but after countless time of saying one thing they do the other. Some might say al how can you make this accusation? Do you have proff to back up your theory? Well to answer those questions i do. let me support my thesis now. Some of my friends have been the most notorious "playaz" this side of any hollywood movie flick. They have the international reputation of playing around i think people in Saudi Arabia have heard of my friends conquests. For one thing a playa in the truest sense is a person who must brag. So if the fella your dating tries to tell you that everything is on the downlow, guess what it ain't. A playa will always exagerate a story to make himself look good to his boys, when it fact if you really find out tthe true story it is barely even anything close to what they told you. Most of the playaz i know are some of the most insecure people in the world. The fact they are playaz may stem from some psycological need they have been lackin. when a playa first dates his first ever girlfriend and she cheats on him don't be surprised after that relationship that everyone after that one he cheats on every girl. Girl feel they are the only person who can change there playaz ways, when in fact they may have lil part in chaniging them. a playa will listen more to his boy then his girl. Unless a playa really fucks up ie gettin a girl pregant or getting v.d., there maybe no hope for any change. Girls if ya give out the pooh to easily then dont be surprised if he plays on ya, cause if it is that easy for him to get it from you, then there is someone as naive as you know will give it up to him. So why do the females want to put up with this??? the 1 million dollar question that has baffled people for centuries. well it maybe that these ladies seek some danger in their life, even if it means putting ones life at risk. Remember ladies all you are is a game to some of the fellas out there, it might be time for you to be the one controlling the game not him. Once a playa always a playa.


As I sit here and dwell why do all my friends 
think I am not well?
Cause i am not in that state of mind 
that you feel ain't right,
that i don't have that bright ass demoenor 
you have been accustomed to see,
cant i show a different side of me?
is there something wrong if my emotions
 are on my sleeve?  
why cant peeps just see that at this 
moment it would
be appropriate if you just leave
i need some time to reflect, almost 
time for me to 
geniflect and look within me and 
see what has been botherin me
the only cure for me is to look 
within my soul,
there for I will find answers 
which will will comfort and sooth me

look into my eyes

I live in a world where people think I am blind to what goes on around ME I see everything that is on the surface and see things people don't want ME to see I can forshadow what is to come and will not run I follow to the beat of my very own drum I am not a follower, but one who knows right from wrong I am strong in both mind and body I guess that's why people see ME as a threat to the norm cause i question what is in front of me and try to prove the naysayer wrong




maybe for some strange reason i feel like all introspected as i examine who i am? i have been a young man that for the last 5 or so years have been blessed with the honor of having some extremely close female friends. my female friends were ones i could turn to when i was in a state of total diseray. they were the ones i could let all the emotion out and express all frustrations too. i did not need to be this strong superhuman 24/7, but jus a normal person who can feel like anyone else. with them i shared the highs and low of my life. they saw me through the good times they saw me through the bad time moved on and our lives began to change our friendships either remained as strong as they were or they slowly began to drift away from my hand as if it was sand escapin through what little spaces it could. so as in life i endured what the path has given me to take. though at this present time it seems that sand is escaping at a much faster rate. at the moment it seems that physically this lack of presense of a female homie is missing. which really when you come down to thinking about it sucks. i mean yes i have female friends, but lately no one who can truely understand the makeup of me. yes my once extreme close females friends are still there for me despite all the drama we have endured, but through my fault and maybe theirs too some of the past elements are not there on this element chart of elements. i always heard that advice is always good if you hear it from a females point of view. that is true. i guess i jus miss hearing it as often and i guess that is why i have been rambling on about it here in this whole commentrary. i think right now presently there are some people i could see on the horizon who could fill that void. from both my past and people in the present i feel posess the tools to be a kool female homie. though how this will end up has yet to be determined. surprisingly i feel some of the closest ladies i can turn to are homies i cant turn to physically, cause distance wise hinders that. so i guess in closing i really miss havin a female homie that i can turn too when i am feelin blue or happy.


Changes dealve inside the mind of mines and what will you see a state of kaos and uncertainty surrounds me i dont know what to beleive in this world that sits right in front of me things that seem to be so clear have turn to dread and fear some look to me for for gudiance in their journey through this thing called life were as others see me as a disease that needs to be vacinated were will i go from here? i can’t stand the insanity which has before me nowhere to run no where to hide is it time for me to stand right up and do what i think is right but still feel the pain cause whatever i do things still will not be right where can i find the might to go on and continue to be strong through both day and night where can i go to find that light.


THE CORE "what's so DIFFERENT"- Genuine a group of close knit friends that started back in 94 and has gone through various incarnations through the years. known at points as the wrecking krew, the krew, the clique, st.paul side, etc. the core has openess, loayality and bondness like no other. through drama it has continued to survive. drama defines were ya stand and if u are truely a core cause a core can absorb anything.. >


u r weak peaves..and other things 1)livin in denial 2)not straight up wit people 3)talkin smack about me if i aint done jack 4)contradiction 5)jack-ass significant others 6)confussion 7)games 8)flirting(what is flrting and what isnt) 9)followers 10)gettin blowned off.


"count on me through thick and thin" whitney houston/cece winans.


public enemy # 1. >


i saw this on someones profile Love is relative Falling into it is easy Pulling out of it is difficult But running before it has had a chance to trap you is damn near impossible Satyriena. >


Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they`ll love you back! Don`t expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn`t, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." .



At what cost At what cost will one go to attain what you want? will you go to the point of no return to reach what you think is a pot of gold has the price you payed brung you the riches you have seeked? is it everything you though it would be th fame and prestige you have seeked?


THE PRINCESS in fairy tales there is always a princess who everyone want to be like someone who seems perfect in some sort of way weather it is beauty or the way that one carries themselves there is always a princess to be seeked but fairy tales are not reality it is not real life even the ones people put up in a petestal are not as perfect as what you think them to be they are as flawed as you and me but yet we still maintain this state of mind that cant be that the princess could be like you or me that they too are mortal like you and me that maybe just maybe that princess you seem to think is not all divine as you once beleived that maybe jus maybe that princess that you see is just as normal as maybe you or me


SEASONS in a span of a year the seasons change as do we things that we thought to be constant and never moving blow away like the leaves from a tree what used to be solid now has begun to rout winds from a different direction have changed the course of time in some peoples minds dust picks up and blows into their eyes and maybe for a time makes one blind and things around them seem unpleasant and not kind but yet even though the seasons change things like rocks remain the same never moving and constant in there place theses rocks absorb the brutality the winds may bring and remind us all that even though winds can change from time to time the rocks will always keep their place


Thick and Thin_ ____________________________________________________________ I once heard a singer say times are a changin and with that I see right in front of my eye things have been a changin we have seen each other go through alot both good and bad we all have had our good times with one another and bad times we’ve all been mad and sad but despite all that i cherrish that we all had one another to turn to when we all needed one another even though we may all go our seperate ways for a short time we can always look to each other and remember that we to are like a family and we will stay together even if we are miles apart or oceans away we can always find our way home again if we all believe in each other that despite time things can still reamin the same 6.28.99