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Some Qoutes to think about during the Day:

"Once Loyality is taken away(baby)you can never get it back."

James Belushi

"They're the who'll never make the love of your Life list, but who still blur the line between FRIENDS AND MORE THEN FRIEND. They're guys whose EXISTANCE you explain beginning with the words, "He's not my BOYFRIEND, but.."Let's admit it...Some guys in our like love constellations are easy to label, but there's also a WHOLE SKY of UNCHANTED realtionships to navigate."

Francesca Delbanco

"I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and i will leave a trail."

Murial Strode

"For the past is the past, and never will return. The future we know not, and only the present can be called our own."

Marie Corelli

"Real peace is not just the absence of conflict, It's the presence of justice."

Harrison Ford

"When a man's heart is full of deceit it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse, a wrong that must be righted. We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black heart of the same man who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows comes the Dark Warrior, the purveyor of good, with a voice of silence, and a mission of justice."


"What are they going to say about you when you leave? Are they going to say you gave it all? Or, are they going to say you just showed up?"

Clem Haskins

"Only do something when you feel it in your heart. Trust yourself and be good to yourself. it can end for you as soon as it began." Sam Waterston

Destiny "A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they ought to be." Unknown