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Don't Get on my Bad side by doing these things....

Filipino Traits i Cannot Stand

1)Filipinos that are racist and provincial. 

2)Filipinos that can't work towards unity in the community.

3)Filipinos that have the "superior Asian Complex".

4)Filipinos who only associate with other Filipinos based 
on what Filipino organization they belong too.

5)Chis Mosa's that talk smack about my family.

6)Filipino leaders that are power hungry.

7)Filipino rivalries. 

8)Stuck up Pinays.

9)Filipinos who prejudge people they do not know

10)Filipinos that thinks they are hard.

other things i cant stand

1)people who have pagers, but don't know how to return pages.

2)couples that are way to sprung up on each other.

3)Former homies that talk smack about you.

4)Teens who blame their parents for all their problems.

5)People that hold torches for people who already acknowledge 
them that they dont like them in that way.

6)"Can we just be friends".

7)"Can you buy me smokes".

8)Contradicting people.

9)Tupac conspiracies.

10)Asian fellas and ladies that wear pants hella to big, 
that make them even look even more shorter.

11) People who date people for all the wrong reasons,
 like they feel bad for themselves, so date someone you dont like

12)People that will do anything to get what they want when it comes to realationships.

13)People that dont know what they want.

14)Scandalous, don't know what they want significant others.